Stone Work And Garden Walls

Why Use Stone?

Stone is such a useful building ingredient. Its natural beauty and strength lend itself to any project. It’s not just beautiful – it’s magnificent. Used in cladding projects like fireplaces and walls, driveways, feature walls in the garden or as a privacy fence at a pool, garden beds, gate posts, landscape design, letterboxes, pathways, piers, retaining walls and water features, stone is adaptable. Because it’s a natural product and found on the Mornington Peninsula anyway it always looks at home. Stone adds value to a home because of its beauty, endurance and its natural aesthetic. It’s the bedrock of great landscaping. That, and the vast colour, shape, size, texture variations of stone make each build unique and add value to your home.

What Are My Options?

Bluestone, granite, limestone sandstone and slate occur naturally in Mornington Peninsula and are well-suited to any application requiring stone. The choice of which stone type to use depends on the requirements of the build in question. Stone can be used to stunning effect in a variety of ways; to enhance a classic landscape’s natural setting with dry stacking walls or to give a garden a more contemporary feel.

Why Use Us?

Richard Robertson is licenced with the Victorian Building Authority for structural landscaping, a member of the Professional Industry body ‘Landscaping Victoria’, a Master Builder’s Master Tradesman, Richard Robertson is also currently (May 2019) the only Southern Peninsula Landscaper to be fully Licenced and Registered by the Victorian Building Authority for structural landscaping as a DBL (Domestic Builder Limited).

If you are looking for a stonework craftsmanship professional to design and handle your stonework design, stone masonry, and feature garden walls on the Mornington Peninsula – call us on 0419594214.

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