Paving – The Frame for Your Garden

Most gardens these days are constructed in a series of ‘outdoor rooms’ linked together by pathways. But even if your garden is simply a vast stretch of luscious lawn on which to play cricket, croquet or badminton with the family in the evenings and over the weekend with friends at a barbeque, it will benefit from having a beautiful pathway connecting it to the house. As a pathway meanders through your garden it allows you to connect the various garden areas as well as bring in some surprise elements. Curving around a fish pond, twisting through a small stand of trees, disappearing and reappearing through a set of boulders, paving is either a stunning frame for your garden or a magic carpet ride through it, opening up the imagination as well as the garden.

But is Paving Just for Pathways

There’s more to paving than just pathways. A good pathway or paved area, like a driveway or patio will creatively and practically combine form with function. It’s a great alternative to decking. Like decking, a paved area will make the most of your outdoor area. Our outdoor lifestyle here on the Mornington Peninsula means a good entertainment area is essential and paving could be the answer. Pathways, courtyards, outdoor entertainment areas, patios, verandas and barbeque areas will all benefit. The best thing about paving goes way beyond just the aesthetics. Paving, unlike concrete, is permeable. That means that water sinks down into the ground and your garden can drink it up. It doesn’t puddle on top.

What Kind of Paving is There

Richard Robertson Landscapes provide garden paving and courtyard paving solutions in exposed aggregate, natural stone and patterned paving. Depending on your gardens total aesthetic and practical requirements the of the paving we can lay it down in a crazy paving style or herringbone, half-bond, stack-bond or herringbone.

Exposed Aggregate Paving: This cost effective application might be the answer for budget-restricted needs. Blue metal or quartz are just two of the aggregates we use and when blended with concrete has a striking surface finish. It’s extremely hard-wearing and can handle bad weather.

Natural Stone Paving: natural stone is exactly what its name implies. It could be travertine, sandstone, limestone and bluestone and suits almost every architectural style on the Mornington Peninsula. Each stone type has its own colourings, textures, densities and sizes. That’s what makes natural stone paving unique.

Why Use Us?

If it’s not done properly paving could end up being a costly and ugly mistake. That’s why you need someone with both creative concepts and with the expertise and professional ability to design and implement your paving requirements. Richard Robertson is licenced with the Victorian Building Authority for structural landscaping, a member of the Professional Industry body ‘Landscaping Victoria’, a Master Builder’s Master Tradesman. He’s your professional and creative one stop landscape design and landscape construction company.

For all your paving requirements contact us on 041 959 4214.

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