Outdoor Rooms And Entertainment Areas

Alfresco at its finest

The outdoors is to most Australians just another room. Alfresco is a word that could have been invented simply for us. Our houses are built to lead seamlessly from inside to the outside. We entertain outdoors probably more than we do inside. Decking and patios are a good stage for entertainment purposes. There’s just one problem, it gets very hot here. And that means we need shade.

Gazebos and pergolas are a perfect answer. Small pavilions which are roofed and open on all sides provide shade but they also are lovely ornamental features in a landscape. They can either be brick and stone or wooden structures. Generally, gazebos are octagonal or round and usually turret-shaped. Occasionally, like with the late 18th century gazebo at Elton on the Hill in Nottinghamshire is a square, crenelated stone tower.

Pergolas are kind of gazebo. They are also called arbours. Usually, they are extensions from a building. Sitting areas surrounded by vertical posts or pillars which support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice. They’re a very Mediterranean style structure over which woody vines are trained. It can also be designed as walkways between pavilions. Because of their nature they are usually thought of in classic designs, but that’s no reason why it can’t be designed to be a contemporary, modern feature. Especially if your home’s architecture is modern. Richard Robertson will take that, as well as your budget into consideration creating an outdoor room that complements the entire landscape.

How easy are these outdoor rooms to install?

Because both pergolas and gazebos are architectural structures, they need to be well-designed and correctly installed. Our entertainment culture in Australia almost dictates that your gazebo should have a barbeque, air flow, an audio system, weather protection, lighting, temperature and insect control.

Why Use Us?

Richard Robertson is licenced with the Victorian Building Authority for structural landscaping, a member of the Professional Industry body ‘Landscaping Victoria’, a Master Builder’s Master Tradesman, Richard Robertson is also currently (May 2019) the only Southern Peninsula Landscaper to be fully Licenced and Registered by the Victorian Building Authority for structural landscaping as a DBL (Domestic Builder Limited).

Richard Robertson Landscapes design and build outdoor entertainment areas including gazebos, patios, decking and BBQ stations to impress on the Mornington Peninsula. Call 0419594214.

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