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What Goes Into Landscape Design and Construction

Creating a beautiful landscape involves a lot more than shoving a few pansies in a pot, or even having a nice lawn. It takes an innate sense of what the garden itself needs in order to display its full glory. An eye for what will bring out the splendour of the architecture that it surrounds. And an acute knowledge of what the location, the weather and the soil can sustain, as well as what will suit your needs best and is a true reflection of you.

Why Use Richard Robertson Landscapes

Licenced with the Victorian Building Authority for structural landscaping, a member of the Professional Industry body ‘Landscaping Victoria’, a Master Builder’s Master Tradesman, Richard Robertson is also currently (Feb 2014) the only Southern Peninsula Landscaper to be fully Licensed and Registered by the Victorian Building Authority for structural landscaping as a DBL (Domestic Builder Limited). Richard’s success is driven not just by his professional affiliations or his 30 years of experience as a landscaper on Mornington Peninsula, but by his philosophy. A philosophy that is founded in the fact that it is, as Richard says, all about the design. And that design has to fit in with your budget, express your personal needs and taste, compliment your home’s architecture, the characteristics of your site as well as thrive in the peninsula’s climate in order to bring the best out of your landscape. We want to give you a beautiful, individually crafted, garden landscape that’s easy-to-maintain and practical.

What’s Special about Mornington Peninsula

Richard Robertson, the creative genius and powerhouse behind Richard Robertson Landscapes knows this area like the back of his hand. With it’s the cool, maritime climate, Mornington Peninsula has an air that’s reminiscent of the Mediterranean, with its vineyards and olive groves. It’s a place of luxurious scents and rich visual feasts. The fresh, clean bite of eucalyptus, the heady perfume of roses adorning the more formal gardens, the mouth-watering aromas of herbs compete with lavender bushes that bloom all year, spring trees in full blossom and delicious autumn colours. This climate will accommodate almost any garden and landscaping ideas. For those who like to eat fresh food it’s perfect for growing herbs, fruit and vegetables as well.

Because we live a very outdoor, entertainment-driven lifestyle, places like BBQ areas, outdoor rooms and entertainment areas are just some of the landscape environments we use a lot. To make the most of these areas, you need to think about landscape lighting, decking and patios, paving, retaining walls, driveways design, fencing, pool surrounds, irrigation systems, water features, stone work and of course plants. It’s not just about winning awards, and Richard Robertson has done that; it’s about making your environment one where you feel most at home. After all, it’s where you’ll live, entertain, possibly grow vegetables and maybe raise a family. We want to give you the best space in which to do that.

For all your landscape and garden design and construction needs on Mornington Peninsula, contact us on 041 959 4214.

Landscapes for living!