Preparing your driveway, pathways and outdoor areas for winter and wet weather

As we head into the autumn and winter seasons, the wet and cold weather will soon be here, so it is a good idea to contact your local landscaper in the Mornington Peninsula and sort out your external areas while the weather is still good.


Making your outside spaces more user-friendly for the wet weather

No-one likes to slog through wet, muddy paths to the front door and no-one likes mud tracked through the house. So making sure that your external pathways are clear and wet weather proof is essential. So think about installing concrete, aggregate or even crushed rock walk ways, so that people can enter your front and back doors without traipsing mud inside as well.

Also think about your driveway area as well, because if it is not concreted, then over time it will become filled with weeds and will always be an area that can become very muddy in wet weather. Driving, let alone walking along a muddy driveway is not fun for anyone.

Your local Mornington Peninsula landscaper can do all of this external landscaping for you, as well as also making sure that you have sufficient outdoor lighting in these areas as well. With the darker evenings, having your pathways well-lit is simply common sense. Adequate external lighting helps to keep everyone in the house safe and makes walking to and fro from the front road, the garden or the garage/carport area both easy and mud free.


Making your gardens ready for spring

Now is the time to call your local Mornington Peninsula landscaper and start digging over your garden beds and mulching. You can even construct new garden beds ready for spring plantings and remove any dead plants, trimming away unsafe trees or overgrown and unsightly bushes and shrubs.

It also pays to think about the condition of your lawn, as you can start fixing any dead patches now and even consider turfing some areas if the grass is well passed its use by date. Of course, as professional landscapers in the Mornington Peninsula, we can completely redesign your garden and if this is something that interests you, then now is a good time to contact us, so it can all be completed by spring.

So if you are ready to contact an experienced landscaper in the Mornington Peninsula, call Richard on 0419 594 214, email us at  or complete our online enquiry form.

The Victorian Building Authority, requires any structural landscape construction work over $5,000.00 to be completed by a Registered Building Practitioner. Richard Robertson Landscapes is Registered and approved by the Victorian Building Commission as a Domestic Builder Limited and as a Registered Landscape Builder for Structural Landscaping. Please check the tradesman you choose is compliant. (/legislation/practitioners).

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