Landscaping Ideas For The Australian Climate

Landscaping ideas, to successfully thrive, have to be done with a careful consideration of certain factors dependent on the location. Climate is one of the major factors that can make or break a landscape. Creating gardens and landscapes in Australia is challenging, because the whole country has a vast climatic variation.

Even in just one state, the climate of one of its towns can be different from the other. For instance, in New South Wales, Sydney would always have a considerably different climate from that of Ballina or the Blue Mountains area. However, the country is, for the most part, desert or semi-arid. Tropical climate dominates its northern areas that are made up of rainforests, farmlands and some desert. Certain parts of its southern regions have temperate climate complemented with fertile soil.

Landscaping ideas in Australia

Landscaping ideas in Australia usually entail meticulous selection of plants and their strategic arrangement, whether in a house garden or a public park. If you live in Australia, you will see that the climate of one area dictates the kind of plants and landscape elements one can cultivate. You may find it a challenge to landscape in the area, but, if you do it properly, the results can be amazing.

Plant Selection

Plant selection is the most crucial when designing outdoors and landscapes in this country. If you’re in the arid or semi-arid regions, which compose a vast portion of the country, you’d want to grow plants that have high tolerance of large amounts of sun like the bright orange Ashby’s Banksia, which is native to Western Australia. Landscape gardeners also suggest the Snowy River Wattle, a plant from the alpine areas, grows well in dry areas, as well as clay soils. The Pink Bottlebrush has nice blooms that can refresh an arid environment. If you’re in a place that experiences adequate rainfall, ferns and orchids are recommended.

Trees provide cooling effect and illusion of height to the environment. Douglas fir, Austrian pine and other coniferous trees would give you cool air and greenery to soothe your surroundings all year round. You might also want to have deciduous trees and enjoy their changing colors every season.

It would also be good to incorporate a pond, a bird bath or a fountain in your garden or outdoor area to counter the aridity of the Australian air. If you have enough space, a small pool that’s designed like a natural spring would be really nice.

The climatic variation of Australia, to some people, may be viewed as a complication in creating landscapes and other means to beautify the outdoors. But to an imaginative landscaping company, it is an opportunity to discover possibilities in creating spectacular sceneries whether it is for a private sanctuary or for a huge public space.

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