Five easy garden landscaping ideas

If you are having trouble coming up with garden landscaping ideas for your outdoor spaces, then call us at Richard Robertson Landscapes and we will create a design that is perfect for your home.

In the meantime, here are 5 easy garden landscape design ideas that will give you some food for thought and help you to come up with a few fabulous ideas for your garden makeover.


  1. Create your own interesting view: If you are not lucky enough to have a wonderful view from your back garden, then we can build a pergola and orientate your seating towards colourful garden beds, a water feature or even a vertical garden. As experienced Mornington Peninsula landscapers, we can create a visually exciting view for your garden quite easily.
  2. Design different zones: We use small pathways, shrubs, garden beds and seating areas to split your garden into different zones and create interest, so it is not all one bland outdoor space. One of the great benefits of garden landscaping in the Mornington Peninsula is that we can easily create different garden zones for you with quiet nooks or contemplation spots, BBQ patios and kids play areas.
  3. Think about colour: We can design your garden around one main colour, have a single colour in different beds or have an explosion of colour throughout your garden. We can also match your colour scheme to your home’s exterior décor as well. With good garden landscape design, you can finally create the garden of your dreams.
  4. Mix it up: Consider using an a thoughtful selection of timber, paving, natural stones, plantings and comfortable furniture, all in one zone so that is easy on the eye, but also creates visual interest. For a comfortable and inviting outdoor space we can break your garden into different zones and then add interesting elements into each zone. At Richard Robertson Landscapes, we are renowned for our garden landscape design ideas and creating thoughtful and engaging exterior spaces.
  5. Use dead space: Every backyard garden has dead space, usually around the back of the garage or carport, areas which have so much potential but are just ignored. We can turn these dead spots into lovely focal points in your garden, so your outdoor space truly reflects your lifestyle.

Landscapes for living!